Europe is on fire. Episode 9. The Master

After the first opinions on entrepreneurship in Europe (Episode Pilot), the road begins in Romania – a relatively new member of the European Union (Episode 1). One of the two bridges across the Danube leads to another relatively new EU member – Bulgaria, which used to be called the “sixteenth republic of the USSR” (Episode 2). In Sofia the issue of a fined truck is the process of resolution and an accidental meeting with the maître d’hôtel confirms the country’s significant collectivist heritage (Episode 3). In the conditions of a record warm winter 2019/2020, the demand for solid biofuel has to be fined in the cradle of Europe – Greece (Episode 4). The frontier Greeks – the Pontians – accuse Germany of creating a closed club, and the Greek government initiates unjustified inspections of businesses (Episode 5). At the same time, a Pontian explains a devastating threat from the east (Episode 6). And the search for the cheapest accommodation leads to the most legendary place in Greece, where antiquity combined with modernity (Episode 7). Where Europe was born, few people paid attention to the sad event – Britain left the EU (Episode 8). After all the threats, an unknown virus covid-19 is approaching Europe, which forces to return home. 

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